Best Interesting Quotes

Best Interesting Quotes


QUOTES ABOUT FRIENDSHIP: Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. A genuine companion truly gets you. They like you blemishes what not. They realize what to state, and all the more vitally when to state nothing by any stretch of the imagination. When you flip through the collection of individuals throughout your life, you may have a few people in your corner that you can depend on … you may have a band of cheerful men … you may even have the advantage of the closest companion, who is there with you to the end. Pick your companions admirably, and that is a standout amongst other approaches to step up throughout everyday life. The inverse is additionally valid.

some of the time, even the best of friends can come apart. Regardless of whether you and your bestie had a blowup battle or just gradually floated away after some time, dispassionate connections can end simply like sentimental connections — and they can sting similarly as gravely. For those occasions when you’ve lost a decent companion and it’s difficult to portray what you’re feeling, this strong kinship cites from Pinterest articulate the despair of a companion separation.


  • “No one is really busy. It all depends on what number you are on their priority list.”
  • “Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact is lost.”
  • “I guess what they say is true/Friends come and go/But I never thought that would apply to you.”
  • “Some people aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to their needs of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.”
  • “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
  • “We are neither on good terms or bad. We are no longer anything.”
  • “Somebody asked me if I knew you. A million memories flash through my mind, but I just smiled and said I used to.”
  • “Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, because they don’t.”
  • “Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.”
  • “The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.”
  • “Have a nice life. I’m done trying to be in it.”
  • “Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that some people only enter your life as a temporary happiness.”
  • “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
  • “Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn’t seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces.”
  • “Mighty proud I am that I am able to have a spare bed for my friends.”


  • “Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.”
  • “Never explain – your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.”
  • “Nothing so fortifies a friendship as a belief on the part of one friend that he is superior to the other.”
  • “One doesn’t know, till one is a bit at odds with the world, how much one’s friends who believe in one rather generously, mean to one.”
  • “One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night.”
  • “One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.”
  • “One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life.”
  • “She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.”
  • “Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.”
  • “Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.”
  • “The real test of friendship is: can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple.”
  • “The tender friendships one gives up, on parting, leave their bite on the heart, but also a curious feeling of a treasure somewhere buried.”
  • “There’s nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of being wanted.”


  • “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”— Thomas Aquinas
  • “Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.”— William Butler Yeats
  • “Those truly linked don’t need correspondence. When they meet again after many years apart, Their friendship is as true as ever.”— Deng Ming-Dao
  • “This a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his.”— Benjamin Franklin”
  • “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”— Brandi Snyder
  • “True friends stab you in the front.”— Oscar Wilde
  • “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”— David Tyson Gentry
  • “True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.”— Charles Caleb Colton
  • “True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not.”– Anonymous
  • “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” Robert Louis Stevenson
  • “We are keenly aware of the faults of our friends, but if they like us enough it doesn’t matter.”— Mignon McLaughlin
  • “We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea of life, but in times of a stormy weather, you will discover true friends when they don’t hesitate to be a lighthouse.”— Dodinsky
  • “We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young.”— Letty Cottin Pogrebin
  • “What do we ask of friendship except to be taken for what we pretend to be – and without having to pretend.”— Robert Brault

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